Friday, 26 September 2014

Vintage teacup pincushion

Do you find you can never  have enough pincushions?!?

A vintage teacup pincushion

So when I saw this tutorial on how to make a tea cup pincushion on the blog at Sew Over It, I thought I had to make one of my own.

A vintage teacup pincushion

I popped into a local charity shop at lunchtime, and picked up this sweet vintage teacup for £2.  I chose a white fabric from my stash as anything patterned looked a bit busy.

A vintage teacup pincushion

I followed the instructions on Sew Over It's blog, and it was a super speedy make!

I think I might be making a few more, they would make great gifts for stitchy friends or vintage lovers.

A vintage teacup pincushion

I'm also trying to improve my photography as I don't think the pictures that I take do my sewing enough justice!  I took these shots in natural daylight and tried out lots of angles. I also used picmonkey to crop the images. The background fabric is something that I have in my stash, waiting to be turned into something! Would love to hear any good photography tips! 

A vintage teacup pincushion


  1. Sweet idea <3
    I follow you ;)

    Vanessa Van


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