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A summer dress completed!

I made this lovely summery dress using New Look 6262 that I mentioned here. I love the style of this dress. I chose to make view C which has a v neck and cap sleeves. I made a straight size 14 with no alterations to the pattern.  It's a good fit too although the top is perhaps a little roomier than I expected.  The material is a polycotton mix that I bought on the market in St Albans.

The dress was surprisingly easy to make now I seem to have mastered the invisible zip!

Really pleased with this one, so much better than my first attempt that I wrote about here. The real trick I think is ironing the ziptape on a low setting before hand. It unfurls it so that you can get closer to the edge somehow.  I finished the edges first with a zig-zag stitch and the pressed the seam-line so that I had a straight line to follow.  I am  now desperate to get an overlocker of my own as I think that gives a much better finish. I used french seams for most of the other seams which gave the seams a ni…

New Look 6212 - complete at last

Finally finished this sleeveless shirt that I posted about here and here for my daughter. I used New Look 6212 and made view B minus the front pockets.

What do you think?

The pattern was a bit challenging as I've never made a shirt or blouse before but the instructions were fairly clear to follow. It's certainly not perfect but not bad for the first attempt.

I'm particularly pleased with the buttonholes as I've finally mastered using the four step buttonhole foot on my machine.  
My daughter chose the blingy buttons!

I seem to be one short so will have to make a trip back to the shop I got them from in the hope they still have them!

I hope she likes it :)

A patchwork pincushion!

Over the last couple of nights, I've been making a patchwork pincushion. I made these as a child and thought it was time I had another go at making one as I was in serious need of a pincushion!

The pincushion is made using the paper piecing method.
How to make a pincushion:
Draw or print a template for one inch hexagons and cut the paper hexagons out. Pin the templates to the wrong side of your chosen scraps of material.  Then cut the hexagons out from scraps of  material about one centimetre larger than the templates.   Fold the edges down over the paper templates and tack the edges down around the hexagons Join the hexagons together piece by piece by over-sewing the edges, right sides facing.  Once both pieces of the pincushion are completed, sew the two pieces together again with  right sides facing, leaving open three edges. Remove the tacking and the paper pieces.  Turn right side out, pushing out the corners and then stuff firmly.  Finally over-sew the remaining edges toget…

My first ever skirt!

I made my first ever skirt!

I used the Delphine pattern from Love at First Stitch by Tilly Walnes of Tilly and the Buttons fame. I used a medium weight blue denim from John Lewis and I also bought a 8 inch invisible zip. This is the first time I've used a zip let alone put one in a skirt!
I found the instructions clear and easy to follow although on a couple of occasions I did wish the pictures were a little larger! It's a simple pattern for a super cute A line skirt and perfect for a beginner like me. The skirt has a waistband and an invisible zip. There are also ideas for adapting the skirt such as adding belt loops or decorating with buttons. 
The zip was actually easier to insert than I thought it would be although it's certainly not perfect. It took me ages to work out how to attach my invisible zipper foot to my machine though! 

I made a size 5 (Tilly's patterns go from size 1 to 8 rather than using standard sizes) based on my measurements.  The finished skirt came o…

Ooh look what I've just bought!

I made a quick trip to John Lewis tonight to buy a red invisible zip for my summer dress that I'm planning to make.
Sadly there were no red invisible zips to be had, so looks like will be purchasing off the internet. Where do you buy all your sewing bits and bobs? I'd love to hear.

But it wasn't a wasted trip as I bought this button making gadget! How cool. I love covered buttons but do find them a bit fiddly. Hopefully this will work like a beauty!

And I also got a metre and a half of this lovely floaty material, half price in the John Lewis clearance sale. It's a polyester fabric, and has a beautiful drape. I'm thinking this will be perfect for the Lottie blouse pattern that I got free with Love Sewing magazine.

Definitely worth the trip!

This week's sewing!

Finally managed to get a bit more sewing done this week! This is what I've been up this week:

New look 6212
Managed the front plackets, neckband and the collar. My tip is to definitely tack the placket before stitching close to placket seam on outside, catching in the pressed edge of the facing on the inside  otherwise you could end up unpicking where you didn't manage to catch it the first time! The same applies to the neckband. I hate unpicking things, so do think it's sometimes worth taking a bit more time tacking things first, especially when you are still learning like I am!

Just applying bias binding to the armholes and the buttonholes left!  May use mum's machine to do the buttonholes as she has an automatic buttonhole foot where as mine is the four step buttonhole, and I find I constantly have to refer to the manual when making a buttonhole. Have found this pattern a bit challenging at times but pleased with the overall result - it's certainly not perfect b…

Love Sewing issue 2 - free Sew Simple sewing pattern!

Not much sewing has happened this week, nearly finished the plackets on the new look shirt I'm making though.  I was pleased when I went into H & M this weekend to see loads of shirts in that style hanging up in the shop -  I thought wow, I'm making that myself!

Anyway popped in to my local Tesco at lunchtime and picked up this gorgeous magazine.

There is a free Sew Simple sewing pattern for the Lottie Blouse & Skirt included with the magazine plus a free tape measure and a few other bits and pieces.  The pattern itself is labelled as suitable for the adventurous beginner, so hopefully nothing too challenging!

There is so much in this magazine - looking forward to having a good read later. I'll post my thoughts on it when I'm done!

Hope you like the pink spotty material. This is what I'm planning to make my Mimi blouse from Love at First Stitch with!

My summer sewing want list

Having recently had a clear out, my wardrobe is looking pretty sparse to say the least! There is nothing worse than a wardrobe full of things you don't wear, either because they no longer fit, are worn out or out of fashion. Having done this, I then thought it would be a good idea to evaluate the clothes I already have and think about the things that are missing from my wardrobe. Turns out most of them I could make myself, so this is my summer sewing want list:

1. Pretty summer dress
I love this dress from Gather
2. Simple shift dress
 New Look 6095. Looks pretty easy! 
3. A line skirt

This skirt by Collette Patterns is super cute. You can buy it here.
4. Pretty gathered skirt
Great with wedges and a strappy top. 
5. Mimi blouse Love at First Stitch
I'm itching to get started on this one! 
6. Forties style tea-dress 
Lovely retro look. Or how about maybe this one. 
Maybe I should make both!
7. Wide leg trousers
Are trousers too scary to have a go at? 
8. And finally another pretty su…