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Organizing my knitting stash!

One of the things I've been wanting to do for ages is organize my knitting stash. This weekend I went through my entire stash, frogged a couple of projects and then catalogued it all on Ravelry!

While I don't think my stash is that bad, I discovered that I have enough yarn to complete five or six garments at least, and that doesn't include the two currently on the needles, and some odd balls of yarn left over from past projects. 

My next step was to look at my existing patterns and any free patterns that might be suitable on Ravelry and try to allocate my stash to some of these.
I now have seven patterns at the top of my queue lined up to go!

First on the needles is this slouchy hat using some left overs. 

Do you use Ravelry? Is your stash out of control or are you super organized? 

Is there something similar for sewers out there?

Catherine x

Top Five Sewing Misses 2015

2015 had a few misses. However I learnt some valuable sewing lessons along the way. 

Simplicity 6655

First up, my first attempt at sewing a vintage pattern.  I chose this cute pattern, and was so excited about making this. Unfortunately I made a mistake with the sizing as it turned out huge on me, and even though I attempt to fix it, it ended up in the bin and never made it to the blog. Lesson learnt here, make muslin before cutting into precious fabric. 


This is a free pattern from Colette patterns.  I was pleased with the sewing I did on this top, but it just didn't fit that well as the armholes gaped and it was too loose around the back. I realised that I should have used my high bust measurement and adjusted the pattern accordingly by doing a full bust adjustment.  Sadly this top has never been worn. Lesson learnt, check if I need to do a full bust adjustment, see my Washi dress.


I fell in love with this pattern from Tilly and the Buttons after seeing numerous cute…