Wednesday, 24 September 2014

New look 6356

So this is my latest make.

New Look 6356 - front view
New Look 6356 - front view

New Look 6356 - back view
New Look 6356 - back view

I decided to tackle something "easy" and decided on this sleeveless top from New Look.

New Look 6356 - easy 2 hour pattern
New Look 6356 - easy 2 hour pattern

It looked easy enough with simple dart shaping at the bust and a faced neck and faced armholes.  I chose version A with the high neck and no sleeves.

New Look 6356 - Pattern front and back views
New Look 6356 - Pattern front and back views

The pattern claims to be "easy" and take 2 hours sewing time.  I'm not sure where they got that figure from but it certainly took me much longer than that particularly as I had a major fit issue!

I used a grey check fabric that I ordered from in the summer. I ordered it online, and although it appears to be a UK site, the fabric came from Germany.  The delivery took a bit longer than I expected but the fabric very reasonably priced. The fabric is this cotton vichy. I used less than a metre to make this top.

Things I'm pleased about this top:

Fabric: I like this cotton vichy and would use it again. It's very reasonably priced and would make a cute fifties style shirt.

Cotton vichy from
Cotton vichy

Pattern matching. I had a pretty good go at this. However I've learnt I really need a walking foot as no matter how well I aligned the little squares, they some how slipped when sewing. Apparently a walking foot is a must to prevent this.

New Look 6356 - side seam
Side seam

The centred zip. The pattern called for a lapped zip but to be honest I couldn't make sense of the instructions. My preference would be for an invisible zip but I didn't want to have to make a trip out specially just to buy a zip. Instead I decided to have a go at a centred zip which I've never done before.

New Look 6356 - centred zip
Centred zip

I turned to the instructions given in "The Complete Book of Sewing" which is an excellent reference book I find.

And it was easy. Another skill learnt! I do prefer invisible zips but it's nice to try something else out.

New Look 6356 - centred zip
Centred zip

Facings. I like the faced armhoes and neck-line having previously only used bias binding. They make the garment neater I think. As I don't have an overlocker,  I edge-finished the facings as per the pattern instructions and they look quite neat.

New Look 6356 - neck facing
Neck facing

Things I don't like:

The fit! This pattern is weird. I made a size 14 based on my measurements and the front fits fine. However the  back was enormous and stuck out at back at the zip. Rather than abandon the top, I actually unpicked the back seam and zip. I then resewed the back seam with an 1.5 inch seam allowance rather than the original 5/8 inch! This took the back in so it's now actually wearable. This also added time to the sewing time! The top is quite fitted now but I can still actually get it on and off without undoing the zip! Perhaps I should have made a 12, I am still finding the whole sizing issue very perplexing to be honest.

The seams. I so want an overlocker. I edge-finished as per the pattern and they are OK but not great. I turned under and stitched along the edges of the seams as my zig-zagging always looks terrible and frays. Maybe I'm not doing something right. In hindsight I wish I'd used french seams. Not sure how you would finish the zip seam if you used french seams though. Advice?

All in all, I've learnt I don't really like shapeless tops and think it might be good to tackle something with darts or princess seams next to give it more shaping. I have this pattern in my stash and think it might be a good one to try!

New Look 6130 - peplum top and skirt
New Look 6130 - peplum top and skirt


  1. The trousers on the pattern at the bottom are hilarious. You should make those :)

    1. I'm planning to - why do you think I wanted your measurements! Seriously sometimes you wonder what they were thinking with the fabric they chose, they might look Ok in a totally different fabric?


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