Friday, 3 October 2014

Lottie Blouse! Simple Sew free pattern

I made this Lottie blouse sometime in the summer, but didn't get round to posting about it yet. It's not my most successful make but I'd thought I'd share it anyway.

Lottie Blouse -  Simple Sew free pattern from Love Sewing

 The pattern was a free one that I got with Issue 2 of Love Sewing that I wrote about here.

The blouse is labelled as suitable for  adventurous beginner but I have to say the pattern had me scratching my head a lot for something supposedly so simple! I felt the instructions were a bit too basic and assumed  a little too much knowledge for a beginner, although the pattern does say it comes with full email support, so I suppose you could contact Simple Sew directly if you were really stuck! I chose to make the sleeved version but with short sleeves rather than three quarter length.

Lottie skirt and blouse pattern by Simple Sew

The material I chose was a lovely floaty material that I bought in the sale in John Lewis.

However this was my first  experience of sewing this type of material and I found it really difficult to work with! I made several mistakes that had to unpicked and even though I was careful with the seam ripper it still puckered the material! Luckily the snags are not to noticeable.  The keyhole neckline was very confusing and I had trouble applying the bias binding. I also think that the inside of neckline looks very messy and unfinished.

That said it looks nice on and I got complemented the first time I wore it.  My hemming is very wonky too on both the sleeves and the bottom hemline. I think if I was going to make it again, I'd have to use something not quite so floaty as I found this material was a nightmare to sew. Think I will be sticking with cotton for the moment!

A close up of the pussybow

I found the following advice on Lazy Daisy Jones' blog about making a couple of changes to the pattern which I think would finish the blouse more professionally.

All in all, I do like the pussy bow style though, and have just seen this new pattern on Sew over it for  the Pussy Bow Blouse. Wondering if this is a better pattern. Time to try another?

Have you made the Lottie Blouse or the Pussy Bow Blouse? I'd love to hear how they compare!


  1. Hello and thank you for your very generous link to my post on this blouse. I thought exactly the same as you...the instructions were a little confusing to say the least!
    You were very brave to sew it with this lovely fabric, not easy....but I love what you have done with it, well done.
    I love your blog too, lovely images and it is a pleasure to read.
    I will be back as I am following along with you....
    bestest wishes to you and yours
    Daisy j x

    1. Hello Daisy, It's my pleasure. Thank you also for your lovely comments. Glad you liked my blog, I've been reading yours for a while. I love seeing what other people are up to. Nice to meet you :) x


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