Saturday, 25 October 2014

Vintage Patterns

I thought I'd share with you my first collection of vintage patterns that I bought recently. I bought a bundle of patterns from Ebay for £3.70.  I chose these patterns as they were relatively inexpensive - being new to buying vintage patterns, it seems the asking price varies wildly!  The patterns seem to range from the 1950s to the 1970s.

I was expecting 12 patterns but received a box with 20 patterns in it! The patterns are mainly Simplicity, Butterick, Style and Maudella. I'd not heard of Maudella patterns before, but a quick google informs me that this was a UK company set up by  Maude Helena Dunsford in Yorkshire in 1937.  Interesting fact - this pattern company became New Look, owned by Simplicity.

Maudella 5367

Simplicity 7765

Maudella 5760

Style 1539

Maudella 5845

Style 4010

Maudella 5884

Leroy 3018

Maudella 5841

Maudella 5780

Simplicity 5928

Butterick  4102

Maudella 5619

The People 173

Maudella 5660

Maudella 5262

Simplicity 8142

I have a couple of favourites already.Which would you stitch?

Catherine x


  1. Wow, some of those patterns are gorgeous- a great purchase. I have always been curious how the sizing compares to modern day sizing.

    1. Yes me too , I think I may have to do some adjusting. Will let you know how I get on if I ever find the time to make them. My sewing plans are growing daily! x

  2. I have just discovered your blog ... I have the Maudella 5660 and have just ordered some rose and spot fabric to make it up in.

    1. Hello there! I really like that pattern, looks like a very versatile top. Your fabric sounds gorgeous x


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