Saturday, 31 May 2014

New Look 6212 - Progress so far!

The shirt is coming along nicely - so far it's been easier than I expected.   I had already cut the pieces out and overlocked the  seam edges that would be exposed. I don't have an overlocker (it is on my want list) but I used my mum's so that I wouldn't have to worry about finishing the seams.  I transferred the pattern marking using tailor tacks also.  I need to investigate using dressmaker's carbon paper to see how I like this method.

So this is what I have done so far:

New Look 6212 - front view - progress so far
Front view

New Look 6212 - back view - progress so far
Back view
I had a tricky moment when it came to following the instructions to make the yoke but it all came good in the end! It involved sandwiching the back between the yoke and the yoke facing, stitching a seam through all the thicknesses, machine basting the shoulders and then rolling the top up and pinning then stitching the shoulder edges together and finally pulling the rolled top out through the armhole. Sounds confusing eh! I should have taken pictures to explain it but I was too busy trying to make sense of the instructions!

New Look 6212 - yoke - inside view
That fiddly yoke - inside view
New Look 6212 - yoke - back view
Yoke - back view
Skills needed so far:

Sewing seams
Layering seams
Applying a yoke using a professional no hand-sewing method
Machine basting
Making a narrow hem

Tomorrow's job will be to make the plackets, the neckband, collar and maybe the button holes! Wish me luck!

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