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Six simple sewing patterns

If you read my last blog post, you'll know that I discussed making simple everyday items rather than making more complicated, time-consuming patterns.

Whilst I love sewing, I work full time and I'm also a mum.  I have found it really difficult recently to find the time to sew and then that it is taking me several weeks to finish something that I've started sewing, which can be a bit frustrating at times.

Also although I love making and wearing dresses, I  want to have more me-made items that I can wear on a daily basis.  It would be nice to be able to sew something fairly quickly and not get bogged down by it. 

I thought it  would be a good idea to check my pattern stash to see what simple patterns I already own. I've chosen patterns I've not sewn with before.

Here are my top six picks from my pattern stash....

This is a "Design Your Look" pattern from New Look, with knee or maxi length versions, 2 different bodice options and sleeve variations.  This is one of the first sewing patterns that I bought, so I have no idea why I didn't get round to making it. There are no zips or button holes and has an elasticated raised waistline. It looks like it needs to be made from a material with a good drape and think this would make a lovely summer dress. There are some great versions about, check out this maxi dress version by Aventures of a Clueless Seamstress.

Simplicity 2414

My next choice is Simplicity 2414. This claims to be a one hour sewing pattern and features a range of drawstring trousers and tiered skirts in two lengths.  This is not the most sophisticated of patterns but I can imagine wearing view C on my summer holidays or either of the skirts. These would look good in a lightweight linen type material.  I couldn't find many versions of this pattern online, so maybe it's not very popular?

Simplicity Lisette 2059

This pattern is no longer in print and I think I picked this up on ebay. The pattern features an easy pull-on blouse, an A-line bias cut skirt and an easy fitting belted dress. The shaping on the dress and blouse is achieved by gathers, so no darts to worry about!  However, if I make this I won't be copying the model's choice of socks!

New Look 6068

This pattern is also described as "easy" and for a change it actually does look easy! This is a pull-over dress with bust darts and no zips to worry about.  It has a choice of sleeves and can be made with a collar. I know this is a versatile dress, if you read Rosa's blog at Fancy Frugality, you can see that she has made it loads of times. By the way, Rosa now has a vlog that you should check out too!

New Look 6216

This one is another New Look pattern, again described as "easy". By the way, the reason I have so many New Look patterns is they keep having the half price sales!  The t-shirt features kimono sleeves, and a scoop neck and can be made with short sleeves or three quarter length sleeves.  The trousers are not meant for knit materials and they also feature a drawstring waist. Not sure if they would look like PJ pants once made up? In fact the whole pattern could totally be adapted for PJs I think!

New Look 6217

I got this pattern free with Sew Magazine. I've seen this popping up recently on a lot of blogs, including Handmade Jane and Kestrel Makes. It features a kimono sleeve top for wovens, a kimono jacket and a skirt and trousers. The top looks as easy as it can get, two pattern pieces, no darts and a button closure.  It obviously is meant to be a loose fitting top and needs to be made with something with drape like a rayon or viscose.

New Look 6483

My final pattern choice also came free with Sew Magazine.  This is a shell top with five different options, and again it states that it is a one hour sewing pattern.  I can tell you that it definitely will take you longer than one hour, as I have already started making this!  There are no zips and the neck and armholes are finished with an all in-one facing.  Hopefully I will have something to share with you soon!

What do you think of my pattern choices?

Have you made any of these or can you recommend any quick to sew simple patterns. I'd love to hear what you think.

Catherine x


  1. I've made 6217 and found I had to adjust the neckline of the top - it's very wide! But once the fitting is done it is a great little top.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I shall definitely take that into consideration! x

  2. Great selection of patterns. I just made view C from the New Look 6483 in my own little timed Challange! Didn't quiet fit into the hour ��

  3. Ooh thank you for the compliment and link. That dress is one of my favourite things I've made, it's so comfy but still looks put together. Spookily I've just ordered fabric for another one!

    I'm a big fan of knits for speedy sewing projects. The Tilly and the Buttons Coco dress is a super quick one as it's basically only 4 seams and the neckline is turned under and topstiched. But the Dixie DIY Ballet dress has my heart.

    1. Ooh look forward to seeing your next one! I hadn't heard of the Dixie DIY Ballet dress - just checked it out, definitely one to add to the wish list, it's gorgeous!


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